We have many years of experience in the transport of machines, industrial equipment, dangerous goods.

Our cars are equipped with appropriate tools for securing goods, and our drivers have appropriate qualifications. 

We have modern fleet, brand new trucks and vans, perfect technical condition that meets environmental standards. 70% of the fleet consists of vans up to 3.5 tons: curtain side vans, plane vans. Rest of our fleet are trucks 13.6m.

In situations when fast delivery is the most important, we use combined transport, road, rail and air transport. We use our associates and trusted business partners. We are able to do everything we can to ensure that the customer gets the shipment on time.

Many years of experience in the transport of aircraft engines, aircraft parts, car parts, industrial machinery. We have high liability insurance.

We are focused and pay great attention to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, which will enable not only us but our customers as well to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution – their goods will be transported in an environmentally friendly way, producing less pollution. LNG fueled truck engines have the lowest impact on the environment emitting significantly – in addition, engines of this technology work very quietly, which is relevant when delivering goods at night in cities where noise restrictions apply.